Thursday, June 28, 2012

Word Study Activities

Here is a photo of my word study set-up:

I set up three of the same activity in a set of drawers.  Here is a photo "play-by-play" of setting up my "Bottle Cap" word study drawers:
(drawers from Target.  They are available in many other places as well.)
 Many months of saving up water bottle caps.  Consonants are labeled in black marker.  Vowels are labeled in red marker.

 (laminated directions hot-glued to the bottom of the drawer)

Here are direction sheets for the word work activities my upper elementary students did on a daily basis:

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  1. Love all of this!!! I'm wondering about the camera aspect of this. Do you Print it out at all?

    Also I wondering about the time line of these activities. Do they need to do a different words study activity each day? Is this part of centers? We're required to do 45 minutes of centers every day. I hate the way I have my centers organized and would love to hear how you run your centers!! Thanks!!