Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daily 5

Daily 5

A few years ago, I had a classroom website called  I used it for my students, their parents, and other teachers.  Most of all, I enjoyed sharing things I did with the Daily 5.  Since that year, I've moved to teaching middle school English and have modified things to work for my middle school students. 

This post is a throwback to those days, because I've got some things to share with you. 

My (former) students actively engaged in the Daily 5:

Congratulations to these students, who just graduated from the 8th grade and are on their way to high school!

To keep track of their choices, we used a bulletin board and students kept track of their choices in their book boxes.

On this bulletin board, they could make a choice if the card was available.  If it wasn't available, they had to choose something else.  They were required to do a certain number of items each week.  One of the cards said "Meet With Teacher", which I placed in the pocket chart before they entered for the day.  They knew that they weren't to make a choice for that round of time.  They had to read to self until I called them for a conference.  They made their choice as soon as they came in first thing in the morning.  I had two "passes" that I placed on random desks.  When they saw the pass at their desk, they knew they had permission to make their choices for Reading (which we had in the afternoon).  Once chosen, they passed the pass to someone at their table.  They could make a choice for a friend if they wanted to do Read to Someone.  They had to agree to this quietly and then the person with the pass would add a Read to Someone card in their friend's spot for them. 

Here is a the student form they kept in their book bins:     

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