Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fantastic Finds!

I always tell myself that I need to stay out of my local thrift shop.  I realize I spend money there, but I always end up getting such good deals.  I guess the same is true for the Dollar Tree! 

I found these baskets at the Dollar Tree today.  Perfect in color, I only needed 3 but I bought 6 of course (in case of breaking in the 

Another great find at the Dollar Tree was this word-find book.  Each page has an historical event and arond the box of letters there is a paragraph explaining something about that event.  All of the words in the word-find are written inside that paragraph in all capital letters.  I bought this for or Social Studies teacher.  It's great!

At my thrift store, I got two great Webster dictionaries for $1.25 each.  I plan to keep collecting them because my middle schoolers need a bigger dictionary than the kind I bought at the dollar store in years past. 

Oh, and I also found two kitchen stools that match perfectly to our butcher block counter tops for jst $25 each (of course, I had a coupon). 

 Perhaps someday my kitchen will be finished and I'll post a picture of that online.  For now, I cannot let anyone see what it looks like, since it's so embarassing. 

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